"A good Mayor must articulate a vision, cultivate relationships, build strong teams, understand the needs of businesses and neighborhoods, and communicate well."




Fort Deposit faces some very serious financial challenges. Over the past several years, tax revenue has declined due to national recession and businesses closed within the city yet our expenses have significantly increased. The current tax structure of Fort Deposit is insufficient to fund our city government. Unfortunately, the City does not have enough tax dollars coming in. Without true reform, we are left with a decision between starving city operations, deferring infrastructure maintenance or raising taxes. All those options put Fort Deposit at a competitive disadvantage relative to other cities resulting in a slow but inevitable decline. This budget problem is solvable, but we have to start resolving the issue with getting new businesses to come to Fort Deposit.



In order for Fort Deposit to reach its full potential, it must start with a strong school system. We must do a better job helping local schools. A high quality public education system leads to a stable tax base, job skills for graduates, and reduction in crime. We must collaborate with the Lowndes County Board of Education in order for residents to experience real benefit.


I am well aware that recreation and youth activties are critical to the well being of our city. Sufficient and sensible investment in public recreation is the best means to provide exercise and entertainment. It will result in safer streets, reductions in gang activity, and encourage more responsible community behavior. Reform within public recreation and education will ultimately make Fort Deposit a model city for the county.




Fort Deposit does not have a Healthcare facility or Pharmacy. I plan to create a plan to bring both a Healthcare facility and Pharmacy to Fort Deposit.



If elected, I will work to revitalize Fort Deposit by:

  • Addressing vacant commerical and residential lots and property- assess and identify owner of the vacant/abandoned commercial and residential lot/property inventory within the Fort Deposit city limit

  • Provide free Wi-Fi services in the City Park

  • Partner with local businesses to create an apprenticeship program for Fort Deposit Kids



I will work to incentivize business development and investment within Fort Deposit

  • Streamlining the permitting process

  • Modernize city services



Fort Deposit cannot reach its full potential when there are pockets of the city with high unemployment. I believe the city has the power to help those who want to help themselves. We must do a better job of training residents for the workforce and using incentives as leverage to create job opportunites. The city must be thinking proactively about ways to improve the delivery of services to residents.